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Why I love my Bimmer!!!

The Ultimate Driving Machine

Poeka (L), Tubby (R) @ 535xi 2008 station wagon

Poeka (L), Tubby (R) @ 535xi 2008 station wagon

From reluctant to hesitant, giving it a try, then madly falling in love, and now I can’t imagine my life without one. It only took a split second for a black M3 coupe fully equipped with Racing Dynamics gear zooming past me on Highway 110 in Los Angeles, Southern California on a Friday night 20 years ago Continue reading

Zumba Fitness


Ok, I would like to shift gears here for a second; as summer approaches, I’m sure many of you start paying extra attention on diet and exercise to keep fit in order to wear beautiful cocktail dresses, that bikini on the beach, or shorts or whatever to show off your figure. Because I DO!! Ha ha!

Halloween Party, 2012

Halloween Party, 2012

I would like to talk about and introduce my favorite fitness class: ZUMBA. I always DISLIKED (the word not strong enough to describe me) exercise and exposure to the sun since forever. And now I’m huge fan of Zumba, especially crazy for this one particularly fascinating lady’s Zumba class: Oola Zumba Fitness.

It wasn’t until 6 years ago that I decided to do something with my health after two complicated pregnancies. I discovered this new thing called “Zumba”, it was the MUSIC that drew my attention, not so much the choreography because I’m too shy to do the salsa, belly dance etc in front of a group of people. I stood outside the classroom and watched for weeks and finally decided to give it a try. Oh believe me, I looked like an idiot, body so stiff, Continue reading

Preventing & Controlling Breakouts, Part 2

So, continuing from my last post…

Use a cleanser and facial scrub on a daily basis to remove excess oil produced overnight and during the day. Don’t forget that make-up residue can clog pores as well. Not sure how many of you are aware that sunblock cream can easily clog pores too. As we are entering the beautiful summer season, the cleansing step becomes the most important step to preventing breakouts.

If your skin condition is more normal to oily than you can use a gentle facial scrub on a daily basis; otherwise, use it once or twice a week to avoid dehydrated skin. BTW, one tip: Continue reading

How to Prevent & Control “Breakouts”

As much as I believe in natural skin products (less chemical elements), there are certain things that just can’t be all natural, for example preventing “breakouts” before they breakout.

I didn’t have a severe breakout problem when I was a teen, and I didn’t have any acne issues throughout my life, but I do have a few breakouts here and there. In particular, 7-10 days before my menstrual cycle begins. The breakouts that I refer are “white heads” or “black heads”, but from time to time I do have a bad breakout. And because I don’t like to feel bumps on my face, Continue reading