Can Natural/Organic Sunscreen be 100% effective on UV Ray Protection? (Part 2)

Part II: Regular Activities

Unlike my children, I don’t do any outdoor activities or outdoor sports at the competitive level. That’s just crazy!!! I’m an indoor/city girl!!! LOL! I care too much about sun damage that can cause discoloration or any color pigmentation in particular on my face. Since the only time I do worry about my skin getting exposed to UV rays is during driving or sitting on the pool deck watching my kids competing in their swim race, it’s not necessary to have higher % of ZnO in sunscreen. In fact, I am more concerned about  Natural ingredients, the scent, the thickness, oily greasy or not, and any allergic reactions (Note: I have very sensitive skin).  I have been using Sisley, the French cosmetic brand, for 20+ years now, but I’m also starting to explore other brands to accommodate changes in my lifestyle over the past 5-7 years.

Sisley – Face Sun Care, Super Crème Solaire SPF 30

Sisley SPF35This is one of my favorites in the Sisley Sun protection product line since I was in college. I started using SPF 8; then, various versions in SPF 15, SPF 30 and SPF 40 depending on Asian consumer demand and what the Sisley boutique carried at that time of the year. Besides containing a combination of plants elements and vitamin E to protect from UV ray damage, best of all, the creamy texture gives a non-greasy feeling, moisturizes the skin, and is easy to apply and rub onto the skin. The skin absorbs the cream very nicely, and it feels like a thin lightweight film on the skin. Easy to apply make-up onto it as well.

As for water resistance, I’m afraid there is NONE; instead the sunscreen will dissolved in sweat, or in the heat in a few hours.  And if you frequently use a cell phone like I do (I need to re-charge my phone twice a day), then you will definitely need to re-apply quite often. Even you are in the office most of time, fluorescent lighting can also produce UV rays that damage skin cells. Thus, I don’t recommended using this product if you are required to be in-n-out of the office a lot or involved with lots of outdoor activities.

I do SOMETIMES use this on my kids at the end our weekend rec swim (well it really depends on supply). ^-^

Sisley – All day, All Year Essential anti-age daytime skincare

Sisley - All day, All yearI was hesitant to try this product for various reasons:  a.  does it really work as described?  b.  does it really last for 8 hrs without re-applying? and  c.  very expensive.  I was stoked and hooked when I first put it on my face.  I completely forget all my concerns and just enjoyed the refreshing skin and the radiant look of my skin.  This is a product that contains the both dehydration and environmental pollution protection.  It’s so lightweight that you can hardly feel it but the moisture absorbs right away into the skin the moment you apply it; your skin feels smooth and refined.  It also forms a thin film that acts as a barrier from UV ray penetration to protect skin from sun damage.  You don’t need to use a lot, just a nickel sized drop for the entire face.  Quite honestly, I’m not sure if it really can last 8 hrs, but I do regain that youthful skin look, and my wrinkle lines get reduced particularly around the eyes.

I also add Sisley’s Face Sun Care, Super Crème Solaire SPF 30 (summer) SPF 8 (winter) on top of it.  I do believe you will still need to re-apply after hours of strenuous exercise or any type of outdoor activities.

Sisley – Sunleya SPF50

Sisleya SPF50

The Sisleya line contains anti-aging elements. This is a brand new product that Sisley introduced to the consumer. I’m eager to give it a try since I’m using the Sisleya Global Anti-Age moisture cream for day and night and also the Sisleya Eye and Lip Contour cream for a number of years and am very pleased and happy with the results. Knowing what I know about Sisley’s philosophy and the experience that I have with Sisley products, I would assume this product is not going to have great water resistance. I will update with the results once I have give it a try.

BTW, the eye cream is the best eye cream in my experience compared to other brands. I will talk about it in more detail in a separate post.

Sonya Dakar – MicroVenom Daily Defense SPF30 – Face

Sonya Dakar MicroVenom-Face(s)


It was the ultra lightweight sunscreen with anti-aging ingredients and the unheard of apple stem cell technology that attracted my attention. Who would thought of apple can be a good active ingredient when it comes to anti-aging? I started using this product in Dec 2013 to see if there would be any difference once summer arrived. Exactly as the product describes, it’s a lightweight addition on top of my regular moisture routine. And to be more specific, I noticed that it gives a oily look which preserves a growing radiant skin tone if you don’t apply make-up. All the ingredients use plant/fruit extracts except for the synthetic snake venom known as Synake as another active anti-aging ingredient to preserve the youthfulness look.  🙂  Water resistance is ZERO, because it’s all dissolves in my sweat after I’m done with my 1 hr of Zumba. So be sure to re-apply if you are out and about for hours. I do use it on my children during our weekend rec swim and it appeared that both my kids have not allergic reaction even towards to Synake.

DeVita – Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF30+

I use this product mainly because of the 19% ZnO, and it is not as creamy compared to, for example, Badger which gives you that white ghost look. I need a high % ZnO that stills allow me to wear make-up if necessary when I’m waiting on the pool deck (without shade) during my kids swim practice in the afternoon all year round. In addition, my face cannot suffer any more sun damage, in particular my cheekbone area. If anything, I would like to “whiten” my face so that the color looks even, no freckles on my cheeks and still have healthy, radiant, youthful looking skin. LOL!! I don’t enjoy the smell; it took a long time just to “KIND” of get used to it. It certainly doesn’t give a white ghost look but the water resistance is probably OK for my purposes. It also feels a little bit thick but not greasy so it’s tolerable. No allergenic reaction but I never try to use it on my children, so it will be up to your own discretion whether or not to apply on your kids.

All right!! That is my family’s experience with several sunscreen products. We will continue to try out some other natural brand of sunscreens or any upcoming new improved formulas from our currently used brands, and I will continue to update my two cents on any new findings.


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