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Now, we are entering my favorite section of skin care – Moisturizer aka daytime/nighttime products … hope my experience can enlighten your reading pleasure

Sisley – Moisturizer with Cucumber

Sisley Moisturizer with CucumberThis the first daytime cream that I used when I first learned about Sisley. I was living in severe air polluted and hot climate city during my early 20s, my skin is extremely dry and sensitive; therefore, the Sisley cosmetic consultant recommended that I give “cucumber” a try. The nature of cucumber tends to calm and cool the skin and gives the skin a moment to breath the freshness of water content from the cucumber. The lightly watery creamy texture of the daytime cream is perfect for using during summer and improves dehydrated skin. It is not rich enough (moisture level) during the winter especially if you are living in a dry, windy, cold climate.

Sisley – Hydra-Global Intense Hydra-Global

I talked about this particular product in my “Dehydration“ post. What makes this one so unique is the anti-aging and anti wrinkle feature. As you probably sensed, I’m no longer in my 20s so my skin needs have shifted to a different level. To prevent and slow down wrinkles and the aging process in particular with dehydrated skin, it’s important that each product contain some sort of anti-aging and anti-wrinkle active ingredients. The gel/fluid like texture allows skin to absorb it quickly, the combination formula of all the active plant ingredients and essential oils successfully slow down the aging process and improve the dehydration status to slow down the wrinkle process. My skin reacted to this product very well, and it pairs very well with my other anti-aging, anti-wrinkle products to improved my complexion and regain that young, healthy skin look.

Sisley – Phyto-Blanc Lightening Hydrating Emulsion

Sisley Phyto-Blanc Lightening Hydrating EmulsionLike other Sisley Phyto-Blanc Lightening products, it combines hydration and whitening ingredients to effectively lighten up the discoloration or freckles caused by the Sun’s UV rays. Because of the price ;-P  I only use this product during the summer season. Once I read an article that said to effectively prevent any dark spots or whiten the complexion you should utilize whitening products during winter to prepare for the summer. I haven’t tested this theory  but if any of you have tried, let me know.☺


Sisley – All Day All Year –Anti-Aging - All day, All year

I talked about this wonderful product in my natural sun block crème post. A great and effective product for sun protection for a number of hours (just definitely not all day) and improves the aging/wrinkle status. Overtime, you will see wrinkle lines dissipate becoming not so defined.


Sisley – Ecological Compound

Sisley Ecological Compound

This is also one of the first products that I used in conjunction with others to improve my problematic dehydrated skin. The smell is a sensational, light fragrance, with a fluid creamy texture that my family calls “milk”. It has a very light texture but gives enough moisture to the skin that allows skin to restore that glowing tone and is not greasy. These days, my 6 year old daughter will go right into my cosmetic bag to look for her “milk” to put on her face after her 60-90 minutes of swimming.

Sisley – Sisleya Global Anti-age, Anti-Wrinkle Cream Sisleya Global Anti-age cream

You are probably thinking, “This woman is entering that era of life: Aging, Wrinkles.” And indeed, my dear readers you are absolutely correct. I have starting using the first basic stage of anti-aging and anti wrinkle products about 5 years ago. Because my dehydration problem speeds up the wrinkling process more than anyone else my age, I started my prevention earlier. This is a wonderful daytime/nighttime anti-aging/anti-wrinkle cream that just does the job that I need. It’s creamy to my taste but not greasy and is easy to apply make-up over and skin still feels light (doesnt feel like your have a mask on). I really enjoy it and as I mentioned through out my post that I don’t have visible, defined wrinkle lines in particular around my eyes. Even I got lazy and started eliminating some hydrating products from my daily routine, this product still holds up and is effective to smooth out my wrinkles and helps the skin continue to regenerate new cells to regain and maintain a youthful looking skin tone.

Sisley – Intensive Day Cream with Botanical Extracts Intensive Day Cream with Botanical extracts

I was so excited to try this product when it was first introduced into the market. I DON’T LIKE it at all. ☹ It’s too rich, too creamy for my taste, and it could also be because my skin doesn’t need that level of rich ingredients to preserve skin quality. In general, I don’t enjoy the heavy, greasy feeling on my skin. But my mom loves it, I would say it’s different expectations, different experiences, and different skin needs at different ages.

Sisley – Restorative Facial Cream

Sisley Restorative Facial CreamI enjoy this cream so much especially since my skin tends to “break out” more under stress. In my opinion, this cream does what the name describes as “restorative”; it restores the skin back to normal, healthy status but also improves and lightens up scars from irritation, soothing sunburns, and nourishing the skin.


Sisley – Intensive Night Cream Intensive Night Cream

I alternate this night cream with Sisleya especially during the winter.  This night cream is very creamy, rich, and nourishing, the combination of botanical extracts that provide the potent ingredients to flight environmental stress, firm up skin and still with a soft texture and also preventing/reducing the fine lines caused by the wrinkling process. As I enter my 40s, my skin enjoys rather than complains about the stickiness from this creamy form of night cream.

Sisley – Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF30

Sisley Sunscreen SPF30I’ve talked about this amazing sun block cream in my early “natural sun screen” post, but I was not aware that this is can also be “nourishing” as well. ;-P I always enjoy the projection no matter what age and what occasion because it never leaves that shiny look on the face even with a such rich creamy product. It’s easy to apply make-up on top of it and still not feeling oily, greasy or heavy.


P.S. I don’t notice any white paste look when applied, I don’t think it should because there is no Zinc Oxide as an active ingredient.

Sisley – Phyto-Blanc Clearing Essence with Vitamin C

Sisley Vitamin CThis is the first Vitamin C serum that I ever used to lighten up my freckles and dark spots from sun damage. And, it’s so effective to smooth out the complexion and the concentration of vitamin C gives the skin relief and allows it to regenerate new cells during the night. There are many vitamin C serums with higher concentration out on the market today but nothing can beat Sisley and how Sisley technology controls the active site of Vitamin C to be pure and stable in addition to mixing well with other active ingredients. However, one down side that I found with this product (after I have used it for many years) is that it’s best not to use in the morning because of the active vitamin C, it can be backfire with exposure to the sun and cause more damage unless you added a good layer of moisture. You must do some research to find some other day time moisturizer to use to avoid the opposite effect of using vitamin C. Each vial can only last 7 days, and I have never been able to use up the entire contents of the vial (50% of volume goes to waste).

As I’m writing this review of all the Sisley products that I have used over the years, I realize there are new products which seem to be the 2nd generation of Vitamin C from Sisley’s website.

Sisley – Phyto-blanc Absolute Lightening Essence

And I’m super excited to learn a bit more about the new product and willing to give it a try for this upcoming winter as my preparation for the next hot, sizzling summer to come.

Thanks for continuing to read my two cents about Sisley products and hope my experience can get you familiar with Sisley products.

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