National Dog Day!!!

I sure didn’t know anything about National Dog Day until today. I’m so pleased to know that there is a national day to celebrate or remember our 4 legged friends.   They truly are man’s best friend!

I’m so excited to share all my 4 legged babies that have been a part of our family the past 20 years, including the newest additions…

Jester, lived with us for almost 11 yrs. Passed away 2008

Jester 2

Poeka, 7yrs younger than Jester, meant as Jester’s companion but Poeka sees Jester more like his father. Passed away 2010


Tubby, 5 yrs younger than Poeka.  Playmate/sibling/companion for Poeka after we lost Jester.  Poeka lost his meaning for living until Tubby joined our family.  Passed away 2012

Tubby - Enjoy the scene

Tubby – Enjoy the scene


Chippy/Lulu – litter mates: brother and sister. We couldn’t walk away with just one puppy home because Chippy seems so inseparable from Lulu. Will be celebrating their 2 yr old birthday in just 2 months.

on the road with puppies 2

Lulu Chippy

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