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Can Natural/Organic Sunscreen be 100% effective for UV Ray Protection? (Part 1)

Part I: Outdoors and Sports Activities

Collection of Sunscreen: All Natural

Collection of Sunscreen: All Natural

Sunscreen — essential and your best friend during the fabulous summer season. How to choose the best sun block cream to effectively protect from UV ray damage, sunburns, and Continue reading

How to Prevent & Control “Breakouts”

As much as I believe in natural skin products (less chemical elements), there are certain things that just can’t be all natural, for example preventing “breakouts” before they breakout.

I didn’t have a severe breakout problem when I was a teen, and I didn’t have any acne issues throughout my life, but I do have a few breakouts here and there. In particular, 7-10 days before my menstrual cycle begins. The breakouts that I refer are “white heads” or “black heads”, but from time to time I do have a bad breakout. And because I don’t like to feel bumps on my face, Continue reading