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An Amazing Journey – Re-living Bach’s Life

Connecting the past to present through Bach’s Cello Suite Solo

I want to thank Ester String for turning me on to “A Walk to Fisterra”- Dane Johansen, a cellist. What an amazing journey to walk almost 600 miles with a cello on his back, sharing music along the way, connecting with people along the Camino to the Atlantic coast in Spain regardless of the language barrier or cultural Walk to Fisterra 1differences. Bringing Bach’s life out by connecting Bach’s music with ancient historical churches and local culture to bring the local community together. Not only a great way to introduce and promote music to young children in the poor, under developed world but also creating awareness to the rest of the world about what this little unknown part of the world needs.

Looking at those people’s joyful expressions, kids smiling while sitting under the stars, enjoying the music harmony and resonating balance between each note, each phase, and each ancient, hand crafted column through the pictures.  I bet Bach probably did not anticipate to receive such a deep appreciation for his music.  Yes, the word “transcendental” is truly the only word to describe it.

sydney_opera_house_at_night It’s been a dream and a goal to sing with an orchestra at the Sydney Opera House or at Carnegie Hall, New York since my first piano solo recital when I was 9 yrs old and my first aria opera performance debut when I was 19 yrs old.  Then that dream has evolved and become

To share the joy of music with children, in particular autistic children, along with my kids the moment my son was born. I’m a strong believer that music is a great way to release tension and stress, and it can be a therapeutic tool for autistic children. Music is a language without words but the melody can touch your heart, the harmony can read and share the mind with each other. Therefore, I truly believe music can be a road to lead us into an autistic children’s world and understand their mind which will allow us to teach them how to communicate with the rest of the world.

Music has been incredibly important through out my life. I express my anger, happiness, sadness, and release my frustration or whatever with Beethoven, Mendelsohn, Mozart, Brahms, Bach and sometimes Chopin. The best part is that it can be solo music with a good cup of mocha coffee on the side or a few lit candles at night with the stars, or chamber music to share with friends on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, or better yet to share with just anyone, strangers outdoors surrounded by beautiful architectural or a botanical garden or a local park.

Walk to Fisterra 2Through Dane’s journey, he wakes up my dream once again.  On a personal note,  I learned a bit about sound recording ☺– a small, yet important role in composing and completing a project.  A 600 mile walk, each small step with a great impact.  Although like the nun said to Dane, the real journey has just begun…  Congratulations to Dane and the entire team.  5 yrs of planning, the dedication, hard work, sweat and pain to bring such a “transcendent” experience to the world.  A great encouragement for all musicians to continue to share music as a gift and as a universal communications tool.

I have included Dane’s blog and his journals asked by BBC Music Magazine which are published on classical-music.com

http://www.walktofisterra.com/blog/ http://www.classical-music.com/blog/dane-johansens-walk-fisterra-cellists-journey