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Why Airlines discriminate against Musicians?

Rachel Barton Pine Denied Boarding

Another incident that Airline refused instrument travel onboard and claim it’s not safe to store instrument in the overhead bin or underneath the seat. 🙁

I must agreed it’s not about the airline company policy nor the value of instrument because “unsafe” and “not well educated the rule of safety when it comes instrument” can result in damage a instrument regardless the value of instrument. As I’m mother of two grade schooler kids.. the “roller” luggage or backpack is extreme dangerous than a violin case store in overhead bin or underneath the seat. IT roll out and injure anyone badly when it is on slightly incline elevation and not to mention during emergency situation in the flight….

Across board on a well education on “safety” on how to store instrument and the “roller” luggage to captain and the flight attendants, and be sure everyone understands and abite on it are the key issue in the incident like this. Because of their lacking of understand can cause a musician to a job that which a committment to thousand of audience whose put a side of time to come and enjoy the performance

It’s always hurtful when I read incident on news every time and it’s become more problematic for the last 2-3 years, I don’t recall it was such hassles to travel with my violin during my college time.