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Great Article/Video to enjoy during the Holidays!



For those music lovers: Two great articles/video that I would highly recommend for you to enjoy

“Violin made from 16,000 matchsticks is performed in concert”

Published on December 2014. The Strad

First of all, the matchstick violin looks so pretty, and it sounds so astonishing. This one and only one made by 16000 burnt matchsticks has traveled from its homeland Poland to Paris since it was made in 1937 and has never been played until it finally returned home. It has such historical and sentimental value that the maker Jan Gwiżdż‘s grandson Hubert Gwiżdż, a violinist, will debut this beautiful violin to the world.

“Despite its growing reputation, we must still do more to promote the viola”

Published on November 2014. The Strad

I couldn’t agree more. The viola is often overlooked or treated as a “supporting” instrument and which often times discourages musicians from choosing to become a Violist. To my knowledge and experience as a violinist, I truly believe the difficulties of learning Viola would be the same as learning the violin so why does viola need to be treated as a second class citizen.   I must admit that the size of the viola makes it feel odd when placed under the chin but that should not be a reason to neglect this beautiful instrument. As everyone is saying with computers and the internet, mobile has changed our life, and we should also change our perspective view of the viola in the music world as well, promoting the viola and exposing this instrument and music to young children so that it is an equivalent choice to the violin and cello.