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Can Natural/Organic Sunscreen be 100% effective on UV Ray Protection? (Part 2)

Part II: Regular Activities

Unlike my children, I don’t do any outdoor activities or outdoor sports at the competitive level. That’s just crazy!!! I’m an indoor/city girl!!! LOL! I care too much about sun damage that can cause discoloration or any color pigmentation in particular on my face. Since the only time I do worry about my skin getting exposed to UV rays is during driving or sitting on the pool deck watching my kids competing in their swim race, it’s not necessary to have higher % of ZnO in sunscreen. In fact, I am more concerned about  Natural ingredients, the scent, the thickness, oily greasy or not, and any allergic reactions (Note: I have very sensitive skin).  I have been using Sisley, the French cosmetic brand, for 20+ years now, but I’m also starting to explore other brands to accommodate changes in my lifestyle over the past 5-7 years. Continue reading

Can Natural/Organic Sunscreen be 100% effective for UV Ray Protection? (Part 1)

Part I: Outdoors and Sports Activities

Collection of Sunscreen: All Natural

Collection of Sunscreen: All Natural

Sunscreen — essential and your best friend during the fabulous summer season. How to choose the best sun block cream to effectively protect from UV ray damage, sunburns, and Continue reading