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Apple Watch II

Can you go back to wearing a “normal” watch?

After 4-5 months of owning an apple watch – what a splendid addiction, it has changed my lifestyle and how I use a “watch”, I’m not sure if I can ever go back to a “non-smart” watch.

In my usage, I found the Apple Watch allows me to catch and prioritize important/urgent emails or texts to those very last minute changes to my originally planned daily events especially things like kids doctor’s appointment or swim team practice changes, etc. Also, I can glance at my inbox or texts while I’m exercise or teaching in class Apple Watchwithout carrying a phone on me or having to dig through my phone from somewhere inside my purse or the back pocket of my pants or while driving. Now, I can “loudly and clearly” tell my students not to surf the web or post on Facebook or Twitter while I’m in class because I don’t have to stare at my phone for time or other things. LOL!!!

Another fantastic feature (to me) is taking phone calls when the phone is not on me particularly when my hands are busy with cooking. The other day, my dear 70+ year old mother called me while I’m busy prepping dinner for her precious grandchildren (LOL!!!). Before the Apple Watch, I often times either missed my parent’s calls (they like to travel), or I must stop what I am doing to answer the call which causes us to be late for kids swim practice or dinnertime. If you are a parent then you will understand the issues with hungry children.

Apple_Watch_review_19-420-100Of course, a wireless bluetooth headphone would be nicer so no one can over hear the conversation. ☺ Although switching between phone and watch is seamless and effortless, even just grabbing the phone will automatically transfer the call.

Another great bonus is the daily activities app. It gives me awareness of my daily activities and sort of forces me to pay attention my diet, exercise, heart rate, and calories. ☺ Of course Nike Fit can do that as well and cheaper but Apple Watch has a more robust selection of health apps to chose  from which allows the best fit for individual users and how to maximize the data to help users reach their health goals and leads to a better, healthier life.

I sincerely doubt any other fitness band can so easily, smoothly transfer data from the fitness device to a smart phone whether it be iOS or Android as the Apple Watch can to iOS.

If there is any issue that I have with the watch – BATTERY. I’m an active user so my batter dies sooner than I would like. ☹ The size of watch also is a factor in battery life as well. I have a 38mm with lots of wrist movements, playing with sketches, animated emoji and picking up phone calls. And, not to mention if my kids want to sketch with their uncle and daddy. So if you are having similar user behavior like myself; you will be better off with the bigger size of watch – battery lasts longer.

Zumba Fitness


Ok, I would like to shift gears here for a second; as summer approaches, I’m sure many of you start paying extra attention on diet and exercise to keep fit in order to wear beautiful cocktail dresses, that bikini on the beach, or shorts or whatever to show off your figure. Because I DO!! Ha ha!

Halloween Party, 2012

Halloween Party, 2012

I would like to talk about and introduce my favorite fitness class: ZUMBA. I always DISLIKED (the word not strong enough to describe me) exercise and exposure to the sun since forever. And now I’m huge fan of Zumba, especially crazy for this one particularly fascinating lady’s Zumba class: Oola Zumba Fitness.

It wasn’t until 6 years ago that I decided to do something with my health after two complicated pregnancies. I discovered this new thing called “Zumba”, it was the MUSIC that drew my attention, not so much the choreography because I’m too shy to do the salsa, belly dance etc in front of a group of people. I stood outside the classroom and watched for weeks and finally decided to give it a try. Oh believe me, I looked like an idiot, body so stiff, Continue reading