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Another incident that Airline refused instrument travel onboard and claim it’s not safe to store instrument in the overhead bin or underneath the seat. 🙁

I must agreed it’s not about the airline company policy nor the value of instrument because “unsafe” and “not well educated the rule of safety when it comes instrument” can result in damage a instrument regardless the value of instrument.

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Can you go back to wearing a “normal” watch?

After 4-5 months of owning an apple watch – what a splendid addiction, it has changed my lifestyle and how I use a “watch”, I’m not sure if I can ever go back to a “non-smart” watch.

In my usage, I found the Apple Watch allows me to catch and prioritize important/urgent emails or texts to those very last minute changes to my originally planned daily events especially things like kids doctor’s appointment or swim team practice changes, etc. Also,

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My very first impression when I opened up the Apple watch package “ Wow!!!! So cute, What a fancy, fine jewel”. I’m like a 7 year old girl opening up a Christmas gift on Christmas day. This package sets Apple once again above and beyond not just the technology segment but also the retail/fashion industry. Apple Inc. continues to strive for what Steve Job believes that the “package” is like a storefront that attracts customers and helps retain them as return customers.

The second surprising impression is how seamlessly and silently my iPhone 5s syncs with the Apple Watch the moment the Apple Watch powers up;

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A 300+ year old Stradivarius violin was deeply connected and a hero to a story was untold until today. The documentary film “The Return of the Violin” by Roy Mandal, brought tears to my eyes as I watched the film. Who knew a violin, music, and a musician, in particular, a Polish Jew, could save so many people’s lives and rescue so many families by forming the Palestine Orchestra in the horrible, scary, era of Hitler.

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Connecting the past to present through Bach’s Cello Suite Solo

I want to thank Ester String for turning me on to “A Walk to Fisterra”- Dane Johansen, a cellist. What an amazing journey to walk almost 600 miles with a cello on his back, sharing music along the way, connecting with people along the Camino to the Atlantic coast in Spain regardless of the language barrier or cultural Walk to Fisterra 1differences. Bringing Bach’s life out by connecting Bach’s music with ancient historical

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Happy New Year to the gots2know blog readers.  Lets begin 2015 with rosin and how rosin contributes to the sound of string instruments. “Choosing the right rosin for your instrument” December 30, 2014, The Strad A great article on “How to choose rosin” for those of you interested in learning more about rosin in […]

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For those music lovers: Two great articles/video that I would highly recommend for you to enjoy

“Violin made from 16,000 matchsticks is performed in concert”

“Despite its growing reputation, we must still do more to promote the viola”

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I believe it’s every musician’s dream to own an astonishingly great crafted instrument such as a Bösendorfer, Steinway, Stradivari, Bergonzi, or Gadliano. And as a violinist myself, I can only dream to be able to feel the body of an Italian handmade Stradivari violin and maybe, just maybe, to gently pluck one of its strings to enjoy the legendary father of perfection and that astounding sound.

I was educated that an older string instrument is much better than a new one because…

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