Preventing & Controlling Breakouts, Part 2

So, continuing from my last post…

Use a cleanser and facial scrub on a daily basis to remove excess oil produced overnight and during the day. Don’t forget that make-up residue can clog pores as well. Not sure how many of you are aware that sunblock cream can easily clog pores too. As we are entering the beautiful summer season, the cleansing step becomes the most important step to preventing breakouts.

If your skin condition is more normal to oily than you can use a gentle facial scrub on a daily basis; otherwise, use it once or twice a week to avoid dehydrated skin. BTW, one tip: you can use the excess scrub on your hands and elbow before it rinse off from your hand.

Here are some products that I or my husband have used. My husband has oily skin and is easy to get skin bumps, and I mean “big” bumps. It’s impossible to have pure, natural elements in everything in our life. Therefore, I tend to like plant based products when it comes to skin products. Most of them smell very pleasant and some can be very “woody” smelling or too floral. It just all depends on what plant extracts were used in each product.

Mychelle Dermaceuticals – Fruit Enzyme Scrub

MyChelle Fruit Enzyme ScurbThe beads are so fine that you can hardly feel it “scrubbing” your face compared to the usual scrub sold on the market. The lemongrass exact gives it a light lemony smell. You can certainly  use this product on a daily basis even if your skin is on the dry side, it depends on how dehydrated your skin is; I only use it 1-2 times a week. I’ve also used their sun block cream, which I will talk about in a subsequent post. This brand offers many other products which I’m excited to try. So if you have tried their other products be sure to let me know your opinion and give feedback.

Sonya Dakar – Bergamot Wash

Bergamont-Wash-Irritation_1This is the very first product that I used in the Sonya Dakar product line. I’m into natural ingredients (as you might be able to guess by now), and with my science background I certainly appreciate Sonya Dakar founders’ mission to combine “Science & Nature” to perfect women’s skin quality. I immediately fell in love with this cleanser, not only did it effectively remove debris from my skin, it also moisturizes. Even though it says for Irritation, it’s good for all kinds of skin in my opinion, and it’s a perfect vehicle to prevent breakouts when your skin is in normal good condition, and it’s an excellent product to have in your bathroom shelf as a controlling agent if you tend to have quite a few breakouts.

Sonya Dakar – Mud Lavender Wash

Mud-Lavender-Wash-clearAfter I was 100% pleased with the Bergamot wash, I purchased the Mud Lavender for my husband to try. He has oily skin and easier to have breakout knowing “MAN” probably more resisted to use “skin care” product as part of their daily routine. My husband was quite impressed with the product, it’s very effective to remove the excess oil that produce over night. Since then, he used it before his shaving in the morning, and used at night whenever he feels oily on his face. His breakout has been under control since and also his oily condition has been improved and I haven’t had much chance to performed any exaction in the last a year or so. ☺ I used it myself one or twice of month as well as “deep cleaning” purpose. It not only gives me extra layer of treatment to prevent the breakout, but also lightly removed dead skin from the UV light damage so that it light up my skin tone which I really enjoy it. ☺

Sisley – Buff & Wash Facial Gel, Phyto-Blanc Buff and Wash Facial Gel

Sisley_Buff&Wash Facial GelSisley_Phyto-Blanc Buff&Wash Facial Gel

My all time favorite facial cleanser. I started with regular Buff & Wash Facial Gel 20+ years ago. The beads are not large and yet not super fine but it’s not rough like sandpaper on your face. As you apply onto your skin with circulating motion, I felt the beads will slowly absorbed into the skin I believe it’s because the ‘GEL” that provided the such effect, and it cleans the skin and gently buff away the dead surface cell; and, leaves with freshness, smoothness, radiant to the skin. The best thing is you don’t need facial cleanser before this step, simplified my busy, hectic morning routine.

Few years ago, the FDA finally approved the “whitening” skin product for US market, I was super excited. I normally obtained my Sisley’s phyto-blanc product oversea so, I would treasure this phyto-blanc Buff and Wash facial gel that I’m only limited this product used during summer season. I like to keep my face “white” which mean I don’t like the color pigmentation due to UVA/UVB sunlight damaged. Because the natural plant exact and the lemon, scutellaria and white mulberry extracts combined to helps on the complexion. Because of Lemon and other plant exact oil, both products provided the sensational of aromatic smell. Very relaxing and pleasant to your sense of smell on every morning to begin your busy day.

All right, as sizzling summer is approaching, beaches are calling, don’t forget to take care our precious appearance while we are enjoy the beautiful season of all 4 seasons.

I will blog about Sunblock cream soon. Thanks for reading.

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